Hi Speed type Perfect Layer Bobbinless Coil WinderBHS-01-50

BHS-01-50 has a new type controller and pul-servo tension that can achieve perfect layer winding with high performance and stability.
Utilizing a rigid traverse guide performs stabilized winding. And the machine checks the tooling flange position caused by thermal expansion and adjusts it to keep consistent winding accuracy.
Comparing the winding speed at 2,000rpm with conventional BAS-01-30, the number of turns for BAS-01-50 will be 20T to 30T, and its productivity increases about twice as much as BAS-01-30.



Model BHS-01-50
S-Spindle Single spindle
Double shift drive Spindle
Stop accuracy : ±1°
Spindle turn speed * Max. 5,000rpm
X-Traverse Movable range : 70mm
Resolution : 0.001mm
Pitch resolution : 0.001mm
Y-Horizontal Movable range : Max. 53mm
Resolution : 0.001mm
Available coil spec. * Coil outer dia. : Max. ø30mm
Coil width : Max. 4mm
Wire size ø0.05-0.4mm (Optional : Max. ø0.8mm)
Controller Mode l: NSC50
Programming by PC, panel display
Control axes 3軸
Tensioner Pul-servo type tension : Model PTA-S250
Tension value : 0.5-200g
Power supply AC200V±10% Single phase 50/60Hz
Power consumption Approx. 5.0KvA
Air supply Min. 0.5MPa
Machine dimensions 1,200(W)x1,000(D)x1,800(H)mm
Machine weight Approx. 400kg
* Spindle turn speed and wire size changes by coil specification.

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