Flyer type Bobbinless Coil WinderBIF-01

BIF-01 is a flyer-type winder keeping a number of turns with thin wire that best suited for air coil winding which doesn't require perfect layer.

System line example Auto loading unit attachment example
System line example Auto loading unit attachment example


Model BIF-01
No. of flyers * 1
Flyer turn speed * Max. 4,500rpm ( Depends on flyer outer dia.)
Wire size ø0.02-0.6mm
Coil width Max. 5mm
Coil outer dia. Max. ø15mm
Wire cut method By air nipper cutter
Coil bonding method Execute pre-heating to tooling before winding process.
And wire fusion by hot air bonding unit.
Releasing agent application method Apply release agent intermittently or continuously (Set by program)
Programming by PC Model NSC50
Programming by PC
Control axes 2
Power supply AC200V±10% Single phase 50/60Hz
Power consumption Approx. 4.7KvA
Air supply Min. 0.5MPa
Machine dimensions 00(W)x1,120(D)x1,180(H)mm
Machine weight Approx. 240kg
* Flyer turn speed and wire size changes by coil specification.

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