Nozzle Oscillation Type Brushless Inslot Winding MachineCIT-0150-S / CIT-0150-M / CIT-0150-L



  • High productivity, due to 3-nozzle synchronized winding for 3-phase motor.
  • Numerically controled, synchronized 3-nozzle traverse.
  • Servo-driven for nozzle traverse, stroke change and core indexing. High slot fill is possible.
  • High speed and minimized sound, due to newly-developed mechanism to reduce vibration.
  • High accuracy and durability.

CIT Series

Model CIT-0150-S CIT-0150-M CIT-0150-L
Stroke 80mm 120mm 160mm
Core size Inner dia.:ø 45~80mm
Outer dia.:ø 80~125mm
Stack height:5~50mm
ø 50~110mm
ø 90~150mm
ø 55~140mm
ø 100~200mm
Applicable wire size ø 0.1~1.0mm ø 0.3~1.2mm ø 0.5~1.4mm
Nozzle speed * Max. 2,000rpm Max. 1,300rpm Max. 900rpm
Control axes 4-axis by servomotor
Power supply AC200V ±10% 3-phase
Air supply Min. 0.4MPa
Machine dimensions 700(W)
Machine weight Approx. 1,300kg Approx. 1,500kg Approx. 2,000kg
* Max. nozzle rotating speed would be changed depends on wire size and core specification.


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