High-speed Double Flyer Type / Single Flyer Type Armature Winding MachineDF-0150 / DF-0150V / HDF-0160 Applicable core : Armature

Model DF-0130/DF-0150V are developed by applying NITTOKU made original controller as well as the newest servomotors. In addition to the compact and simple mechanism of the machine, remarkably easy and flexible specification changes can be performed with NC 7 axes control. Minimized machine space and high cost performance due to compact machine base with mono block casting. Model HDF-0160 is developed by adding 4 NC axes to DF type winding machine and been modified to 11 axes type. This model is recognized as high speed version (Winding &hooking) of model DF-0150.

DF-0130 DF-0150V HDF-0160
DF-0150 HDF-0160 DF-0150V


  • Specification can be easily changed with 7 axes NC controller and the replacement parts of quick change mechanism. Especially when changing the work, the fine adjustment of the nipper cutter position and the positioning former are controlled by the NC controller. The NC controller also controls both formers open and close and the core index can be carried out with a very small space (approx. 1 mm) to the core. So the nick to the former can be avoided and also the wire hooking can be performed at the accurate positioning of the tongue guide.
  • With the creation of the new mechanism of the nipper cutter and the wire gripper combination, any wire scrap does not occur. NC controller carries out the positioning to tongues of the commutator. So the lead wire length coming from the tongue can be cut as short as possible.
  • By applying one block build up method, the accuracy of the machine is remarkably improved as well as reducing total parts to be used and the trouble of the machine can be reduced so much.

DF-0150 / DF-0150V / HDF-0160

Model DF-0150 DF-0150V HDF-0160
Applied core size Outer dia. : ø20mm- ø70mm 
tack height : 20mm-70mm
Shaft dia. ø5-ø18mm
Shaft length 100-240mm
Commutator outer dia. ø10-ø40mm
Commutator height 10-30mm
No. Of slots Min. 5 slots
No. Of segments 1-3 times of no. of slots
Applicable wire gauge ø0.1-ø1.3mm
Flyer rotating speed Max. 3000rpm
No. Of control axes 7 axes servomotor 11 axes servomotor
Power supply AC200V±10% 3-phase 50/60Hz
Power consumption 5KVA 8KVA
Air supply Min. 0.4MPa
Air consumption: 15l/min.
Machine dimensions 1,600(W)
Machine weight Approx. 1,000kg

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