Single Flyer Type Outslot Winding MachineMTY-01-ROH-50 / LOM-0150 Applicable core : Outside slot motor

MTY-01-ROH-50 LOM-0150
MTY-01-ROH-50 LOM-0150


  • These machines can wind the large size core specifications of outside slot stator.
  • Considering ease of operation and maintenance, this machine has a simple construction by reduction of the total number of parts. In addition, the total machine footprint is compact.
  • The specifications change can be performed easily due to the single flyer design.
  • High speed controller made it possible to synchronize 4 axes at once. Accurate positioning of the core and high speed winding are performed.
  • Open/close movement is performed by servomotor. So high precision winding can be realized.
  • Core positioning is made by NC programming. This can increase the operation speed.
  • Ceramic guide is applied on wire path. This reduce the stress on the wire.
  • By applying the back tension mechanism, the winding condition can be good preventing wire slack.

MTY-01-ROH-50 / LOM-0150

Model MTY-01-ROH-50 LOM-0150
Applicable core size Outer dia. : Max. ø120mm
Stack height : Max. 50mm
Outer dia. : Max. ø120mm
Stack height : Max. 50mm
Applicable wire gauge Max. ø0.4mm
Flyer rotating speed Max. 1,500rpm Max. 4,000rpm
No. of control axes Max. 4 axes by AC servomotor 4 axes by AC servomotor
Power supply AC200V ±10% 3-phase 50/60Hz
Air supply Min. 0.5MPa
Machine dimensions 500(W)x980(D)x1,300(H)mm ç´„600(W)x2,200(D)x1,700(H)mm
Machine weight Approx. 400kg Approx. 650kg

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