CNC Turret index type Coil WinderNT480 Series

NT480 series are winding machines that integrate table and other units. The model reduces the number of component parts, enhances imposition accuracy, minimizes the variation per hour, facilitates maintenance or accuracy recurrence, and is excellent in rigidity.
The tool and nozzle bar can be changed quickly with the quick change mechanism, and specification changeovers will be easily available. Also introducing the turret index coil winder with spindles on both sides, the model reduces the bobbin loading time.

System line example NT480 Series
System line example  

NT480 Series

Model NT480-(Spindles)-50
No. of spindles 4・6・8・12・16
Spindle turn speed * 4・6 spindles : Max. 5,000rpm
8・12・16 spindles : Max. 10,000rpm
Wire cutting method Pull break with wrap post : Max. ø0.4mm
Nipper cutter (optional) : Min. ø0.46mm
Winding envelope X-traverse : +110mm, -110mm
Y-horizontal : +60mm, -60mm
Z-vertical : +110mm, -60mm
Controller Model : NSC50
Programmed by PC (sequence / windiong program)
Control axes 3
Power supply AC200V10% 3-phase 50/60Hz
Power consumption Approx. 3.0KvA
Air supply Min. 0.5MPa
Machine dimensions 1,100(W)x1,100(D)x1,150(H)mm
Machine weight Approx. 1,200kg
Optional attachments
  1. Tension release mechanism
  2. Nipper cutter unit
  3. Automatic wire change unit
  4. Tailstock
* Spindle turn speed changes by coil specification.

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