Full automatic power inductor winding systemPIW-1050 / PIW-0450

  • This machine is high performance winding machine for power inductor coil production.
  • Supplies the coil from the bowl feeder. Winding, soldering and unloading to tape are conducted automatically.
  • This model is suitable for single spec mass-production.
  • Vertical index adopted for less space.
  • Lead free solder is available.

Model PIW-1050 PIW-0450
Core type Round core / Square core
Wire gauge ø0.03-ø0.12mm ø0.03-ø0.4mm
Winding direction CW / CCW
Core supply Bowl feeder
Unloading Tape
No. of flyers 10-flyers 4-flyers
Cycle time (ref.) 7-8sec./cycle (Depends on Winding & soldering spec.)
Control axes 11-axes
Power supply AC200V±10% 3-phase 50/60Hz
Power consumption 4kVA
Air supply 約0.5MPa / 800ℓ/min. (ANR)
Machine dimensions Approx. 1,760(W)x1,150(D)x1,650(H)mm Approx. 1,000(W)x1,000(D)x1,000(H)mm
Machine weight Approx. 3.000kg Approx. 2.000kg

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