Features of LITs 1 Features of LITs 2 Features of LITs 3 Introductory flow Operation environment System configuration
Ideal for precision processing of detailed/small components and long-distance high speed transfer
  • Winding process
  • Cutting process
  • Joining process
  • Gluing process
  • Inspection process
  • Assembly process

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Features of LITs 1:Precision processing on transfer unit

Positioning unit

The positioning unit
mechanically raises
positioning accuracy allowing
for precision processing on
the transfer unit. Pallets can
be moved with the safely and
stably at high speeds, similar
to a linear motor.


XZ axial positioning of a carrierby using a direct moving guide.

XZ axial positioning of a carrier by using a direct moving guide.

Y axial positioning of a carrierby a positioning unit.

Y axial positioning of a carrier by a positioning unit.

Features of LITs 2:High-speed linear transfer

High-speed linear transfer

Through servo-motor
control, smooth acceleration
movement and slow stop are
possible. Moreover, the
there is no contact between
pallets and smooth
conveyance is possible. Due
to high rigidity, it can convey
without vibration even if at




Conveys the carrier placedon the linear guide by belt.

[Patent pending]

Features of LITs 3:Multiuse and flexibility

a load of 5000N (vertical)

※1 An optional support unit is required.


Processing which requires
a load of a maximum of
5000N (vertical) is

For heavy loads: LA8

For light loads: LA5

Flexible design

There are a variety of variations in pitch available. Moreover, pitch change,
connecting to lines, and double-deck type lines are also possible.

Transfer pitch
change※2[Patent pending]

Connecting line※3

Double-deck type

※2 Custom-made production line.

※3 Requires an initial investment stage. (Not possible to modify existing lines.)

Introductory flow (Built to customer specifications)

  • Hearing

    Listen to customer’s requirements match the machine to their needs.

    Work shape, size, weight, processes (maximum load, etc.), the number of
    required axes according to the required production quantity, production
    environment, etc.

  • Development and design

    Perform experiments and trial production if needed. Develop a concept design based on the contents of technical discussions.

    Determine FA base and create a detailed design of the final machine.

    Carry out DR (design review) at each stage.

  • Procurement and processing

    We ensures speedy procurement of parts by making full use of our domestic and overseas supply network.

    We perform the final processing of the machine base and unit mounts, including the transfer system, in-house in our processing center.

  • Assembly and programming

    Experienced engineers carry out machine assembly.

    We create a framework program for system construction and a motion program which incorporates the element construction method, and build the optimal machine operation in order to handle precision components.

  • Final adjustments and delivery

    We carry out programming adjustments and production tests in our factory and confirm quality and accuracy.The customer carries out a final check at our factory before shipment.Lastly, we carry out installation and operation confirmation at the customer’s factory and delivery in completed.

  • After service

    Nittoku strives to produce long lasting equipment, including consumable parts.

    Together with the customer, we will work to ensure smooth production.

Operation environment

Specifications LA8 type LA5 type
Withstand load
(per carrier)
Vertical direction
5000N at carrier center
(with support unit)
Vertical direction
2000N at carrier center
(with support unit)
Horizontal direction
(with support unit)
Horizontal direction
(with support unit)
Maximum loading capacity (per carrier) Up to 15 kg (including standard carrier weight) Up to 6 kg (including standard carrier weight)
Warranty term One year/2000 hours of operation
Operating environment
  • Ambient temperature 10 to 40°C
  • Humidity 20 to 80%RH with no dew condensation
  • Free of explosive, flammable or corrosive gases, with low levels of dust, and close to wind-free state.
  • No noise-generating machines (especially welders) in proximity.
    Area must be ventilated when soldering machine is in proximity.
  • Must not come in direct contact with organic solvents, kerosene, oil, acid, alkaline, ultraviolet rays or ozone, etc.

System composition

Standard system composition (3 connections)

Example of Non-standard system configuration