Terminal insertion machine (stitcher type / gang type)

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NITTOKU manufactures machines for connectors (sockets) of various sizes, shapes, and materials, from terminal insertion, terminal bending, terminal correction, inspection, and packaging.
We provide a fully automatic manufacturing system to your specifications.

Type of connector

connect1 connector2 connector3 connector4
Side type Angle type Top type Straight type

Mounted on board etc.

connector_dip connector_smt
DIP Type SMT Type

Type of insertion and material

hoop steching wire steching gang steching
Hoop Stitching
Hoop (reel) terminals inserted one by one.
Wire Stitching
Hooped wire or discrete pins are inserted one by one from wire or from a bowl feeder.
GANG Stitching
All terminals of one connector part are inserted together simultaneously.

Automatic Connector Assembly System Reference Layout

We design and manufacture machinery according to customer specifications.
Please consult with our sales department regarding your specific needs.

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