Diamond wire saw

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Single / dual wire saw with fixed abrasive diamond wire

Patent filed

Ideal for thick and composite material dicing and slicing

  • High quality cutting
    • Maximum linear velocity 2000m / min with precision tension control
    • Automatic adjustment of processing speed via pressure change (tension change)
  • Compatible with multi-product small-lot production
    • Easy changeover of specifications by simple program

Three major features

Sharp cut surface quality

Stable cut surface quality achieved by high linear velocity and high tension

Cut surface comparison

Conventional blade


High precision positioning

High precision cutting realized by image offset and wire position offset functions

Image alignment screen

Wire position offset image

Thick cutting

Thickness of up to 100mm thick and composite materials can be cut

Thick slicing

Composite dicing

One wire dicing machine can be used for both

Wet type

Dry type


Model DWS-02832
Processing workpiece Maximum size 8 inches, Height: 100mm
Cutting tool Material Fixed abrasive diamond wire
Maximum Bobbin size Outer diameter: φ140 × Width: 170mm (roll width 150mm), Weight: 4kg or less
Wire diameter range Φ0.08 to Φ0.18mm (core wire diameter)
Equipment specifications Maximum wire speed 2000m/min
Tension range 5~35N
Maximum traverse 175mm (including replacement stroke)
Control controller NSC832

Fixed abrasive diamond wire

* Please use our recommended cutting tools for this equipment.

Operation and quality are not guaranteed if a cutting tool other than the recommended one is used.

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