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Embedded method (Embedded winding construction method)

Nittoku’s RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) enterprise, started to supply various inlet module IC Card・RF TAG manufactured to meet the demand and desire of customers.
The Nittoku Embedding winding method is high accuracy and reasonable price.

IC Card / RF TAG

In order to use an antenna coil, by an embedded winding construction method, NC control, wire diameter, winding pitch, IC loading position, etc together implement the best usefulness Card on demand.

Since copper wire with high Q characteristic is adopted as antenna material, the IC card RF tag is excellent in communication distance and the anti-collision efficiency can be furnished.

The characteristic of embedded winding construction method and copper wire are employed efficiently. The miniaturizations (10x30mm) of RF tag secure the communication characteristic.

Equivalence IC: mifare, I・CODE1, CODE SLI, my-d and Equivalence material: PET-G. PET, PVC, ABS, PAPER

High Frequency Inlet

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