Guide Nozzle Inslot Winding Machine GWM-01□

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Ideal for High Performance Motors


Winding possible for small slot openings!

Watch Guide nozzle winding video

3 features of Guide nozzle Winding

Reduction of Motor Size

Winding between ultra-narrow slots allows for smaller motor design with equal characteristics.

Increased Efficiency

Improved fill factor through perfect layer guide winding.
Narrow slot opening improves cogging. Solid core winding improves magneto-resistance.

Motor Quality

Nozzle does not move between slots, reducing damage to wire.

About the guide nozzle winding method

Conventional method

When the winding area gets smaller than nozzle width, winding is not possible.

NITTOKU unique winding process

With our newly developed winding process, the nozzle does not enter winding area.
Through programming with proprietary functions, fast and precise winding movements are realized.

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