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High quality and accurate connection,
applicable for lead-free and ultra-thin materials.

Realizing the most suitable minute stripping and joining depending on material.
As this is a core technology which NITTOKU has cultivated for many years, the proposal of the various stripping and joining methods will vary based on the product.
In recent years NITTOKU has also succesfully developed minute-level dispensing equipment.

Optimal bonding / stripping methods

Process Example Method Examples
Solder Dip/Iron/Sleeve/Wave/Laser
Welding Fusing/Micro-arc/TIG/Thermo-compression/Laser/USW
Stripping Diamond Chip/Laser/Polishing (grindstone)/Heat

Fusing Examples


Micro Dispensing

NITTOKU’s minute dispense unit (microdispensing) has the following Characteristics.

・Highly accurate minute dispensing

・Synchronized operation and dispensing control

Technologies & Examples

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