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NITTOKU has winding technology for various shapes of coils / motors.

Spindle winding method

High-speed coil winding for bobbin coils and air-core coils. Ideal for segmented core motor windings.

Flyer winding method

High speed winding machines suitable for air-core coils, chip coils, motors, etc. Compatible with various workpiece shapes.

Nozzle winding method

Ideal for solid core (inner) motor windings. Compatible with motors such as armatures and open cores.

Nozzle guide winding method

NITTOKU’s unique method of winding without passing the nozzle between the slots. Winding is possible even between slots with narrow gaps.

SC (hairpin) winding method

Hairpin square wire motor construction method. NITTOKU realizes a series of processes from forming of square wire to motor assembly.

Cassette winding method

NITTOKU’s proprietary next-generation motor winding method ideal for highly efficient EV drive motors. Achieve high copper fill factor and high reliability.

Technologies & Examples

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